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A physics engineer, with an eternal passion to live an happy life, dedicated to helping you save energy, time, and develop your leadership skills

Where I’m from ?

Born in Montreal in a low-income family and neighbourhood, and with cultural richness. I had a very young desire to learn, to adapt to everyone. And I found very early on that understanding differences are a strength.

This quest of adaptation urged me to develop my talents of listening and my curiosity. The study of philosophy and physics opened me unsuspected doors. While sharing my discoveries I acknowledge that my readings, my experiments and my passion guided me towards something interesting.

Why starting this blog ?

For 10 years, some of you encourage me to write a book about my theories on the management of time. It is this management style that helped me to become a better leader.

I always said to myself that I was going to begin, and before my retirement. Recently, some friends urged me not to wait. “To stop being selfish and start sharing immediately.” They persuaded me, I’m launching.

The challenge

At first, I am anxious to say that it is not easy, it is simpler for me to speak about it than to write about it. I am not an author, and I am very far from being one. Being a child stemming from a low social background, my vocabulary and my education of the language were not obvious. I remember numerous additional private lessons to pass my admission test for my engineering degree.

Even today, I am afraid of writing and of being read. Thus, this journey is not  only a journey of sharing, but it is also a personal development adventure.

A little bit more about me – My Bio

I graduated from École nationale d’aérotechnique, as a technician aeronautic and graduated has an Physics engineer at Polytechnique Montréal.

I’ve worked for many companies and startups such as Bombardier, IBM, BIC, Angstrom Power and Intelligent Energy. Since the beginning of my career, my responsibilities have been linked to the transition from research to production.

My areas of expertise are aeronautics, microelectronics, hydrogen fuel cells, and now artificial intelligence. Over the years, I’ve worked and led teams in Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Japan, Taiwan and China.

I’m currently the Director of the Applied Research Laboratory at Element AI in Montreal.

If you are curious to know what I’m doing here’s a few links 


And an article that summarized my expertise in technologie development. I’ve prepared this article to align with my C2Mtl2019 participation as a speaker. At the end of the panel discussion, I’ve been quote by Jade Raymond, v.p. at Google. 



Let’s exchange !

I mean a lot for your comments. They will help me to develop the concepts, and my way of the property explain them. To increase my chances to have a dialogue with you, I am going to try to create videos to summarize the developed ideas. Please let me know if I’m clear and if my theories are useful !

Thank you beforehand and looking forward to exchange.


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