We are heading straight for the precipice and my colleague is doing nothing! What to do?

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This is another conversation with my colleague that is not moving forward. I am trying to explain him that it is better to prepare in order to avoid a major problem. He does not see it’s a problem and says that if it is a problem, he will fix it. He does not see the point of taking time today to work on it, especially since he is overwhelmed by something else, as always.

In my opinion, his emergencies are precisely caused by the fact that he is not organized and has not prepared. I feel like he doesn’t trust me. And especially since it’s always up to me to adjust to him. He never adjusts to organize and prepare things. He’s always in mode, we’ll see how it goes.


The Problem Is Growing with Time

Grrrrrrr… Over time, I began to hate working with him more and more. I have lost faith that we could one day work together effectively.

And on the other hand, he thinks that I am “boring” and that I see problems everywhere, that I am too organized and that it makes me waste time. He’s never influenced by my plans, and by deviating from the original plan, he generates emergencies to everyone.

You can imagine the shock he had when I stopped adapting to him and helping him in his emergencies. I told him to fend for himself! He doesn’t want to get organized, it’s not up to me to pay for his bad organization. For him it was a surprise to realize that I was adapting to his way of doing things. In the end, we were never able to work together effectively.

The Impact of Knowing the Existence of Project Management profil 

This kind of situation was happening occassionnaly with the same type of people. But that was before I realizing that there are several temporal preferences, from the point of view of project management. Our preference is that we approach things differently.

Since I have assimilated this concept, I no longer take anything personal, but above all I understand how to influence others in the right way. I know how to organize at my level of detail while adapting to others.

How I managed to do all this well by understanding the mechanics. I was able to identify two main areas that affect team organization.

How did I get to this mind model?

First, as a physicist engineer, working to develop technologies over the long term. I had a bias. A bias that leaned towards organization, the level of detail and anticipation of the future. I loved to imagine potential futures.

One day, I had the chance to share my life with an artist. A very present person, disorganized and extreme in abstraction. We were totally opposite. Strangely, he thought my vision of life was THE way to go. He wanted to become more like me. He wanted to learn to organize. He thought that it was the way to succeed in life.

The Mistake We All Make in Time Management

I took a good moment to understand why he valued my way of doing things more than his. In fact, I have often had requests in that regard. “Isabelle, can you help me be more organized?”

I was asked this question more than once. Each time I explained my methods and everyone was fascinated! “You should write a book about it”. Despite the fact that my methods were impressive, the coaches used them only little compared to what is possible to do.

I wanted to know why? Why, my working methods were valued so much and at the same time not used. Why, most saw my methods as an absolute. As if absolutes were comforting: a miracle recipe. Well, society values the organization and preparation of the future. Our society is biased, the same as I was. By the way, was it society that carved me in his image? Something to think about…

Breaking news! There is more than a good way to manage your time and projects

It sounds simple when you say it, but go read books on time management and project management. They all have similar approaches and why so! They are written by people with similar points of view. None of them talk about the fact that your personality could have an influence on your time management and project management. As a result, the books are written for a particular type of personality. 

There are methods more adapted to your personality. And yes! If some methods do not work for you, it is not that you are incapable it is that the method is not adapted to your personality.

So I decided to go on a quest for these differences.

I didn’t know where it was going to take me, but today I feel empowered to work with all types of personalities. And mostly motivated to share my findings.

The major effect of this discovery is to put words on it. So I’m much more ZEN and EFFICIENT, so happy. My project management is now better suited to the needs of the group, and I have more tools to listen to others.


The two fundamental axes of project/time management

Horizontal axis—level of detail

This axis starts at the level of the concept and the further one advances on the axis, the more the level of detail increase.

For example, if you don’t have a lot of knowledge in an area your level of detail will be lower than someone who is an expert.

As another example, you manage people who manage teams themselves. The level of detail you will be able to master will be lower, but you will know elements related to other parts of the project which will allow you to make decisions on another level of abstraction.

For those who want more details, read my article on frequency.

The vertical axis—the speed

Here, I have some difficulty finding the right word. I dash (launch) with the speed, but the physicist in me would have liked using something else. I am afraid that it is too theoretical. PLEASE, do not hesitate to write in comments on what you think of it. I whould have liked to say that it is the axis of the necessary energy to change state. A state is for example to pass:

  1. From an organization to another one
  2. From an emotion to another one
  3. From a situation to another one
  4. Of a type of activity in another one

To pass from a state to the other one, it takes us energy. Without it, it is impossible to do it.

For example, you listen to YouTube videos and your spouse asks you  for help to go shopping. You will have to use some energy to change mode. If you don’t have enough you might say no. 

In my article on the wavelength, I approach the concept of the speed. I invite you to go to read it. The wavelength is connected in fact to the frequency , the speed and the energy.

Given that the energy, the frequency and the speed are connected, I decided to call the vertical axis: the axis of the speed.

At the start of the axis the energy to change state is low. We pass from a state to the other one quickly. The more we rise in the axis and the more it will take us energy to pass from the state to the other. Thus the speed of change decreases.

What effects  the speed our level of:

  1. Organization
  2. Stress
  3. Skills
  4. Passion
  5. Complexity

For example, you optimized your day to go shopping, then fetch the children, in parallel to launch a laundry … You made an optimal organization of your day. The weather is beautiful and your spouse propose : “You want to go to the park ?”

If the park is not along the way, to change the plans it will be much more demanding. Before making your decision you will  need time to think about the consequences ? Thus a slower speed.

Project Management Perspectives -Profils

Here is a visual summary of the project management profils

project management profil

As you can see, it results in 4 personalities, or 4 points of view, which I will try to detail in my next articles. Based on these perspectives, you will see that it is possible to adapt to others and manage your time effectively.

Be Careful of the Reference Point

Note that depending on the situation, you will not be perceive the same way. It is therefore important to be able to detect where we are in relation to the situation in order to be able to adapt. In addition, we all vary in time, but you will notice that there are trends.


In fact, I challenge you to identify your trend and your company trend. And yes, your company as a trend, this theory also applies to groups of individuals. You will notice that some companies are more in one mode than another.

It is important to identify what is your business profil because if your profil is the opposite it will cost you a lot of energy to adapt everyday. In the long run, you have to be careful not to burn yourself, not to wear yourself out.

My next articles will provide a little more detail on these project management profils.

Thank you for reading my article if you have any comments or questions please feel free to share them with me.

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