A great leader is a time traveller!

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Time is the key !

You rarely know where to start when you want to become a leader. Somes of us try to find the magic recipe. Learn the 10 steps of , or the best habits of …

Why? We all know that there is no magic recipe. This is not a fixed in time. It is a sum of events that helps us take more and more responsibility, and become our best self ! We all know it’s an evolutionary process and there is as many theory as leader.

The leader you are today will not be the leader you will be tomorrow, and yet you are a great leader.

From the moment we interact and influence, we begin to develop as a leader.

In society we don’t recognize everyone as leaders, why? Since we all begin to develop our leadership skills from the day we learn to take responsibility and influence others.

When we move from a non-leader to a leader state? There is certainly no fireworks or spark that appears to identify the new leader.

An important cornerstone is the success of travelling through time. Time is a bit like water for fish you’re not really aware of it as it’s always there we tend to forget.

Aware of it or not, it’s when you become good at time travelling. As soon as you become aware of it, you will accelerate your growth as a leader and develop your talents. A great leader is capable of:

  1. telling a story about past events,
  2. learning from experiences,
  3. living well in the present and be in a state of active presence to listen well
  4. planning for the future in order to transmit its vision well
  5. and above all: allow itself enough time to delegate important responsibilities at the right time

Note that the other typical qualities of leaders are always as useful and valid like having values, or communication abilities, or having a good charisma, etc. But without the ability to travel in time a minimum the leader will be limited. We may be the person with the most charisma, if we fail to share a vision of the common future or explain how we arrived at a solution our credibility takes a hit.

As soon as you become good at travelling, you’ll become a leader.
How to become a time traveller?

It is necessary to:

  1. Be capable of visualizing time, past and future.
  2. Develop your memory
  3. Learn from the past, and develop your capacities to be realistic in his projections
  4. develop real time tools of decision-making.

All of those will be more detailed in future articles, but to start a few tricks.

How to visualize time?

The first tools which we use for the most part of between us are calendars and schedules. For the most part, we do not use them in the full capacity.

Schedules and calendars are excellent tools to help make a temporal display of the duration which take the tasks to be completed. To pull a maximum of learning from your past, those tools are key and will help you to become a great leader and better manage the uncertainty. Start nothing when activities start and how long and effort it took to arrive to the goal. 

I will be writing another article on this topic and propose various exercises you can do with your team. It is possible for your teams to develop the skill as well.

How to develop your memory?

Our memory is key to make estimations of the future, to plan and especially to make real-time decisions. There are several possible exercises to develop our memory. The first one is to have a journal,  writing what we learn is an excellent exercise to notify important elements and remember about them.  To reflect and review our day is much more beneficial than we think.

How to project and visualize the future?

You need your imagination, but not only. If you learn from your past, you will build experience, but experience is not enough. You need from experience to understand trends from various influencers and notice evolution of your team. By using your imagination and your experiences, it will become possible to travel in the future and identify potential future. The future looks like near past, but will be a little different. It is necessary to identify the part that likely will be alike and allow space for the surprises, the new stuff. 

It is not necessary to reinvent everything to imagine the future. It is necessary to identify the portion that will be likely the same so you can invest and start a project to optimize recurring elements. Then you need to identify potential changes and risk so you can allow you team to have time to adjust to them. Distribution effort and start important projects to build a team on a long-term is key to be a great leader. If we are lacking imagination no worries, just allow time and resources for surprise, but start tracking so you can identify the recurring elements. You can also read, network around, there are certainly models or domains related to yours which could inspire you. Movies, books are excellent to stimulate ideas.

How to make decisions in real time?

Obviously, learning from the past doesn’t answer everything so how do we organize and adjust real time? Your team is full of resources. You have to listen to them. They see things you don’t see yet. You have to keep your instinct connected with your new information. The instinct when related to subjects with which you have experience is a great tool to use. You have to learn to trust it. It is necessary to gain experience, if you want your instinct to guide you in real time, it’s important to work your memory, write a journal and learn various elements from the past.

How to start and become a time traveller?

Start taking the habit retrospection of your day. Writing is the best way to enlighten our ideas. Then read yourself and try to identify trends, patterns. Next, identify what you would like to improve and visualize it. The improvement points can be personal or related to your team. If you are the leader, it will help you to strength the team. If you are not yet the leader starts identifying as an exercise. Start wording it and presenting it to your leader, it’s important to develop the vocabulary and capability to tell the story.

Have fun and tell me in the comments if the concept of time travelling help you to see leadership in a useful new angle.

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